Saturday, January 30, 2010


With a good sized, long interval swell, and mild winds, really expected something fun to emerge as the major high (7 ft at 8:45) backed off, but it just didn't happen.

It was clean but still swamped when I arrived at the Park at 9:15. As I walked up and joined Hugh and Neil, a big set with clear lines rolled in, and expectation soared. An hour later, it was still swamped, but Mark and I jumped in, swimming out through a lot of remaining flotsam in the water.

I worked the main peak, mainly, and found a few long lefts rolling off the rocks, but it remained inconsistent, weak and crumbly through our two-hour session. Even with head high, and even plus, sets, no real power or speed. We tried everywhere from straight in front of the steps to South of LG1, but nowhere was really working. A rare day of disappointment in the Park.

Hugh, Neil and EY watched from the rail for about an hour but never saw enough to entice them into the water. Guess Adele's had more appeal.

Video of what it looked like before we got in at YouTube - click here or the title above.

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