Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Rare Fall Session - belated post

A belated post for my mid-October the middle of a fall in which I've been getting very little surf!

This weekend, I couldn't go out Saturday and today was projected to be flat. Last weekend we had the first rains of the season, and the morning high tide dampened expectations.

Two weeks ago, though, was a fun session. A shot of the shoulder-high peak is below, and a click on the title above, or on this link [Park Peak in Fall] is a short video.

Park Peak Left
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So, two weeks ago, it was just Sailfish and me in a mild drizzle that continued through the morning. Despite the drizzle, it wasn't really chilly and the water temp was comfortable in the shorty at 66-67.

The surf was fun, head high at the main peak & LG 1 from 8:45 to 11:15. North of main peak, it was hollow and packed quite a bit of juice. The conditions were clean, mostly glassy, even through the drizzle. While more of the largest (head high+) sets were closed out, patience was rewarded with some good corners.

We had the main peak to ourselves for the best of it, early, and then moved south to LG1 when the peak filled it. Another hour down there, and then the last half-hour, slowly worked back up against the current all the way to the steps. In the last 15 minutes, just South of the steps, I got three of the best rides of the day, fast and hollow.

So much travel is getting in the way, and surf or conditions aren't cooperating in the weekends available, but the rare sessions this fall are treasured.