Sunday, April 3, 2011

Second Hand Surf

Well, no surf this weekend.  Conditions just didn't want to come together, even though there was some solid swell coming in.  

Friday would have been the day: 90+ degrees in town, bright & sunny, water in the Park warming up all the way to 64, and some clean, head-high+ waves coming in.  By Saturday morning, though, the "cold" front coming in brought a stiff cross-wind, chopping it all up...overcast, choppy and much cooler.  This morning didn't seem promising, but it didn't look to bad on the cams.  I've yet to receive a report.

Meanwhile, it's nice to see that fall will bring the release of Keith Malloy's cinematic ode to bodysurfing.  Check the trailer out

Come Hell or High Water Trailer from Woodshed Films on Vimeo.

Maybe that will help garner a bit of respect.

Or...reminisce over last weekend, courtesy of Crawdaddy:

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