Saturday, July 9, 2011

Good Waves and Great Pod

Solid waves today, but it was a great session due to the excellent pod in the water.
Did not dally to take a lot of pre-session photos...just enough to show that, within a few minutes, a decent swell was in evidence.  

I knew that Bret Belyea was coming up from SD County for a rare, these days, appearance in the Park, but had a pleasant surprise also to be greeted by prodigal Park perennial Bret "Crawdaddy" Crawford when I pulled in about 7:45.  Neil Frank rounded out the crew checking it out from the rail and itching to get into glassy, head-high & overhead peaks that appeared to be consistently coming in.

It seemed equally consistent all the way down the beach, so we chose the deserted section in front of LG 1 and staked our exclusive claim to a 50 yard stretch for the next two hours.  Our initial pod of four was quickly augmented by Mark Ghattas and Rick Ciaccio.  About a half-hour in, Eric Ackerman showed, with the Lawyer, Dave MacPherson.  

We tolerated some aggravating lulls, but generally had about 90 minutes of nicely shaped surf...occasionally offering a long left deep into the cool but comfortable water (65 warming to 67) and generally glassy conditions.  Early on, Belyea, emulating Hugh "Driftwood" Berenger, went about 50 yards further South and snagged a series of sweet lefts.  Mid & late session, Ghattas was winning the position game with several of the longest rides off set waves.  Ciaccio continued his habit of hanging outside, waiting for the juiciest morsels while Ackerman & the Lawyer hung together, trading underwater butterfly take-offs.  

Besides having Bret up to join us - always a treat - it was great to see Brent come down to the Park after something of a hiatus and to see Neil return after neck issues.

A good showing for the Golden Triangle on a day when the Park delivered, in anticipation of next week's competition up at the pier.

Last shot: best seen full size, Cottons pumping in the background with LG1 in the foreground.

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