Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Little Fun in the Park

My last blog was a tribute to the consistent surf at the Park this summer.  Today, the size was gone...but at least the shape remains!

Did not expect much, but there were fun little waves.  The shot below was my first view of Main Peak from the rail.  Later, you'll see a head in the water for size but this is stomach high ... what passed for a set today.
The feel on the beach was of winter.  A heavy overcast and occasional cool breeze out of the Northwest resulted in the quietude of an empty beach.  The exception, though, was the very comfortable mid-60's water temperature.

There was a sole sponger out at the main peak; nobody else from the steps to Cottons.  The sponger left before we got in.

North, at Riviera, where it was a little bigger and slightly more consistent, twenty sticks competed for the chest-high peaks.  Further on at, at T Street, a similar clump could be seen.

Ghattas and I decided on the solitude of Main Peak over the crowd at Rivi.  While we suited, a surfer who'd been out at the Main Peak with us when it was really firing two weeks ago pulled in and suited up, too.  He joined Mark and me at the Main Peak for the first hour of a 1:45 session of fun, little peaky waves.  Nothing above chest-high, but hollow enough for mini-tubes and clean enough for decent slides.  A peaceful, relaxing morning.

Before we went out, as the surfer was returning from checking it out at the rail, I commented wryly, "awesome, huh!"

"An hour in the water still beats any other way to start the day," he responded.

I have to agree.
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Walter Tully said...

You got that right: there is no better way to start the day than by riding the waves. Especially during the summer season, surfing can be an exciting avenue for friends and family to spend some quality time under the sun. And to top it off, it is also a creative and fun way to get some form of physical exercise.

Walter Tully