Sunday, February 5, 2012

Superbowl Sunday Summery Session

A chilly 40 degrees as Sunday dawned in Pasadena, there wasn't a cloud to be seen, following a series of summer-like days in the dead of winter.  Often, I'll commence the 72-mile drive in very different conditions than I find in San Clemente, but today I was hoping for sun and a rapidly warming day.  I was not disappointed as I navigated the access to SCSP Califia parking:
Not a single surfer was out - stick, sponge or body - which made the first few waves I saw a surprise. Shoulder-high, glassy peaks were combed by an offshore breeze, with a fun-looking bowl at Main Peak.  None of the crew had arrived, but within a minute or two, Brent "Crawdaddy" Crawford appeared, to validate my conclusion that we should waste no time getting out to enjoy fun-looking wave in solitude. 

Before we were suited, Hugh Berenger had appeared with a ken to actually swim out & bodysurf with us, rather than lugging the camera.  Shortly, we were in the chilling water, still in the mid-50's.  While the peak shown above would show occasionally, and there was a left here and there, mostly it was sweeping rights from the Northwest, like these two:

A little closed out, an occasional set, aspiring to head-high, would pop up, but chest to shoulder high crests regularly arrived over the next two hours.  Over time, a smattering of sticks came out, succeeded by a handful of sponges, but the Park was basically left to the five of us - Mark "Sailfish" Ghattas joined Hugh, Brent, a local, Casey, and me, about a half hour into the session. 

By the time we exited, a full, summery day had blossomed in Southern Orange County.

Sets were still lining up, cleanly.

And the fast right in front of the steps still peeling.

Brent, Mark and Hugh joined me at the steps, for post-session documentation, before dispersing.

A little better than last week, an altogether decent way to prepare for the Superbowl.  Wonder what it's like in Indianapolis?
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Wonderful morning Hank. Great Blog