Monday, October 15, 2012

Summery Sunday Smallies

High tide and a modest swell don't work well together at the Park.  The forecast was 2-3', with a high tide over 6 feet at 8:40.  

I arrived shortly after the tide peaked, to find a warm, summery morning, with the sun shining and winds calm.  The swell was small, and swamped by the tide, but looked ride-able, as least as the tide dropped.  No one was out, from T-Street a mile north to Cottons Point a mile south.  But the water temp registered 68 at the pier and waves like that below showed promise.

So, it was indeed swamped by the high tide, by and large, most of the waves breaking on sand, or nearly.  But every five minutes or so a set would come in that was breaking in water, pitching to form crystalline tunnels fitted to a bodysurfer.  

After a while, Mark (Ghattas) and I moved from the main peak, south beyond the rocks to work the LG1 area, where it was a  bit more consistent.  Throughout a 2 hour session, we were scoring hollow little tubes while enjoying the warm water, clear and sunny skies, smooth surface and the fact we had the Park entirely to ourselves while the shore gradually filled in with those seeking a last bit of summer.
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