Sunday, June 23, 2013

Change of Seasons: Beginning of a (Surf) Drought?

Summer's here...but is that a good thing?

Fall and winter were pretty disappointing for surf this year.  Wetsand's "Session Log" feature permits rating sessions from 1 to 5 stars.  From early September through late March, not a single Park session rated better than 3 stars (average), and it was only good enough for me to log an extremely paltry six sessions in the Park, altogether.  Mixed in were a couple of sessions in Del Mar (one decent, the other marginal) and one, excellent session at El Porto (see: Breaking the Drought at El Porto).  Yep, one good session in six months.

With spring came a significant change.  It started with a classic, overhead session in the Park in late March (Change of Season Brings a Classic Park Day), and in less than three months, from late March to mid-June, I logged seven sessions at the Park, of which five were four stars or better.  An exceptional run, capped by a 5-star, well overhead south swell in early June (South Swell Sweeps the Park).  That included one stretch of four sessions in five weeks, three of them 4 or 5 star.  The one week I took off would have been a solid, 3-star day.  Consistency returned to the Park with Spring.

Well, two factors go into a surf drought.  One is the combination of swell and conditions.  The other is my ability to get out.  With the advent of summer, these two are aligning the wrong way. 

Today may have been ok, but far from great.  A late return last night from near a week in the East pretty much precluded surf, anyway.  Although the surf will be pretty decent next weekend - NOT to complain!!! - I'll be fully tied up with Hilary's wedding.  Looking further out, the weekend of the 5th shows no promise of a long-range south swell, such as drives summer surf in Southern California.  We'll be lucky to have a waist-high NW windswell.  There's nothing particularly promising in the South Pacific beyond that at this point.

Hopefully, this is just a lull as we switch seasons, and the South Pac will start ginning things up by mid-July!  After all, doesn't a six-month lull justify at least a good, six-month run?

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