Saturday, August 24, 2013

Newport Flats

So, August started out auspiciously, as reflected in my post from the first weekend of the month: Summer Surprise at SCSP.  One of the best sessions of the year at the Park, with a 10-day sojourn to Newport immanent.
Well, the story since is rather different!  Here I sit, this weekend in North San Diego, Newport vacation now a memory, and barely a session worthy of reporting.  In fact, the only outing that comes close was the first morning in Newport - two weeks ago - the 10th.  The fact that it's now two weeks later and I'm only now getting around to saying anything about it will tell you most of what you need to know.

Michael Schwimer on the best wave of the week

The wave above and below may give the impression that there were decent waves.  Well, in most of my blogs, you see what I could shoot in few minutes before entering the water - not the best of the day.  These waves were, positively, as good as it got and the photos make them look better than they were.

Allan, backside right

Starting that weekend, and since, Southern California, from LA County Line in the North to Imperial Beach in the South has seen naught but an occasional dribble of weak, northwest wind swell. What made the session reported here worth the mention is, first, these are the best waves seen in over two weeks, and second, the company.
The small slop notwithstanding, it turned into a very fun session as my sons Allan (photo above) and Joe were joined by a half-dozen of their friends, starting with all three Schwimer brothers, riding an eclectic mix of long boards, short boards, soft tops and Costco specials.  What little was there, they were making the most of it, and enjoying the company on what has become a traditional outing, now longstanding.  

"Where are the waves????"

Having said that, the shot above, of Allan and Michael Schwimer, scanning a flat horizon for any hint of a bump, pretty much  wraps up the last few weeks, as far as surf is concerned.  Labor Day is around the corner...maybe it will usher in a vibrant fall.  It's due!
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