Saturday, September 5, 2009

Labor Day Weekend: Del Mar!

Arrived in Del Mar late afternoon, for the 3 day weekend. Immediately hit the water...not reallly to surf but just to christen the weekend. Mushy, knee to waist high waves but water temp well over 75.

Morning (Saturday) brought a pleasant surprise. I wandered down to the water at 8am. High overcast put a gloss over the glassy surface. I found some space between sticks at a peak in front of the Del Mar Motel and waded into the warm water.

The first hour was glassy with waist to chest high waves that were hollowed out by the tidal push. Some walled, but there were some corners as well. The hollowing tidal push offered a number of tubes, some sustained for several seconds. The clear, glassy water and soft lighting created an iridescent, ultramarine toned glow in the tube that kept calling me back for more. Maybe a dozen visits in that first hour.

At 9, with the sun breaking through, the blackball went up and the first entrants from the 17th Street Bodysurfing Club, Tom & Terry, waded out. Unfortunately, the tidal push was peaking and the second hour flattened out then gradually progressed to the crumbly side. Nice to have company in the water, though!

Approaching 10, hunger drove me from the water and I encountered Monica & Chris Lafferty and their two kids, just getting wet.

After a break for breakfast, drawn by water temperature over 75, Heather decided it was time for a RARE entry into the California ocean. She worked her way out through the shallow break and eventually made it out to lull beyond where the waves were breaking.

Chris Lafferty was swimming, alternately, his son and Monica out to the break on a boogie board and coached them, and their body-surfing daughter, into the waves while Heather floated nearby.

I DO wish I'd brought the camera down to memorialize a rare sighting of Heather in the Cali side of the Pacific Ocean.

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