Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Park Delivers ... Usually

EY_\ is fond of saying that "the Park delivers!"

Well, mostly. With a decent swell coming in, even with a flat tide, conditions were generally forecast to be pretty good this morning. Did my haul South with expectations for a decent, summer-ending session before heading overseas for three weeks. 'twas not to be.

As I drove down the rise above Calafia, I saw a textured surface and when I arrived in lot at 7:45, I was surprised to find it relatively empty and totally void of any wheels that I recognized. A steady, moderate to stiff wind was blowing out of the West creating chop along the shore. As I watched from "the rail," a couple of nice lines approached, but any promise was dashed as they faded into ugly, mushy crumble. A few sticks from the campground were out at LG1, a few more up at Riveria, all vainly trying to make something of it.

Back at the car, I checked my messages and found that I'd just missed Russell, who'd checked it out and left already. Sailfish pulled in, determined to get something. As he & I watched, Hugh pulled up and Neil walked down his parking spot atop the cliff. 25 minutes and still hadn't seen anything to tempt me into the water. Low 70's, it may be warm, but the heavy overcast and steady wind offset any temptation to get wet. Nonetheless, Sailfish pulled on a top and jumped in. He caught a couple of smaller waves, but anything of any size was just slop. He kept trying as the current quickly pulled him south to the rock area. By the time we were dispersing at 8:30, now 45 minutes without seeing a single decent wave, Sailfish was rinsing off in the showers.

Some days it's not meant to be.

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