Saturday, February 27, 2010


Ah, the dilemma of a dedicated surfer who lives 40 minutes from the closest water and 72 miles from his favored break!

Last weekend, the forecast was for a decent, head-high swell, favorable tides, and clear skies...but onshore winds upwards of 15 mph through the morning. After deliberation, made the call to pass. Right call, as reports were of nothing but sloppy chop.

A bit harder call for this weekend. Today, it's just small and totally blown by the storm passing through. But a large swell is supposed to fill in tonight, with waves several feet overhead and clean conditions - maybe a mild offshore. Would be ideal, but for two things: a 6.25 foot high tide at 8:30 and the bacteria in the run-off.

If the tide was favorable, would take my chances with the bacteria. Two weeks ago, very similar forecasts - slightly smaller swell but clean conditions and a 5.4 high at 8:50. The first hour of surf was great, then it got a bit fat as the tide peaked and stayed that way well into the morning. With nearly an extra foot of tide and earlier peak, it's likely to be ridable but fairly crumbly for the whole session. Is it worth it??

In the meanwhile, take a look at some very large storm waves in the Park from mid-January.

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Hank H H said...

Postscript: Got a call from EY and Hugh, about 9:45, that the Park was firing big - up to 12 foot faces - but unmanageable due to strong currents and tides, and quite full of debris. Later report from Neil and Mark that Newport was not surfable. Both confirmed what I saw on the cams. Staying home was the right call again.

Sounds like next weekend may be a reprise of this weekend, but hope spring eternal.