Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Last water time - February 14.

As recounted in the last entry, the 20th/21st was windblown chop. The next weekend, Sunday (28th), the Park was firing big - up to 12 foot faces - but unmanageable due to strong currents and tides, and full of debris. Reports from Neil and Mark in Newport was that it was not surfable. This past weekend, it stormed Saturday (3/6) through the early morning hours of Sunday, leaving Sunday small, windblown and dirty.

Late December through mid-February brought a great run of swells and decent conditions. This weekend will make it a month since last water time. Unfortunately, current forecasts are for a small weekend and perhaps questionable conditions.

If there's no surf this weekend, the last time I would have gone this long without surf was late 2008, a year & a quarter ago.

What's one to do, but relive through photo & video? On Jan 9, Hugh shot a series of still sequences that he gave me. I'd put some of the stills up on Picasa, but while reliving a sparkling, sunny, winter morning, experimenting with FlipShare, I knitted together a video of the sequences and put it up on YouTube. Turned out ok.

Gotta deal with the jones somehow.

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