Monday, August 15, 2011

Newport: Continuation...

So, today (Monday) I decided to change it up; sleep in and take a break from surf, after four straight days of two-a-day sessions.  Each of the last four days started with a couple of hours out at 18th Street, followed by an afternoon session at 6th Street.

Yesterday was good, again, at 18th.  Not as good as Thursday, which remains the standout, but continuing to improve with glassy, shoulder-to-head-high surf.  Lots and lots of tube time on Sunday's session, and a couple of longer rides.  17th Street was nearly as good as 18th-19th, but no one was working it, so Allan, Joe and I just stayed there and had it to ourselves for over two hours.  Not epic, but a satisfying session that we packed in when the wind started messing up the surface.

Weekend on the Peninsula

I've not had the patience to photograph at 18th each morning, but will do so later in the week.  Instead, I'll continue to break the text with scenes from the afternoon at 6th Street.

Contemplating the Future
The afternoons have been just been fun, whomping around in waves from waist to head high under hazy sun.  Yesterday, a fairly stiff, steady breeze from the West - which at 6th Street is cross-shore - was chopping creating little runner sections off the straight-lined swell, that offered a chance for some fun, longer improvement over the normal, two-second closeouts.

An Occasional Set
 Tomorrow, the two-a-days resume.  Prospects for the remainder of our stay look good, with Thursday (again) looking especially promising, with a four foot South swell due and a strongly rising morning tide.  May have to bring the camera Thursday morning!

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