Sunday, April 29, 2012

The EY Sessions, Day 1: The Photos! (Hugh B)

Before turning to Day 2 of the EY sessions, it's a pleasure to present a selection of Hugh's photos from Saturday morning.  As always, click for full screen.

First, a nice capture of the glossy surface, nice wave formation and sunny setting.  I was working these lefts, just South of the rocks that divide what we call "Main Peak" from "LG1."

This shot gives a feel for the size of some of the sets.  Definitely got to more than head high!

There were positively some nice tube rides.  Hugh has some extended sequences that I look forward to seeing.

I mentioned how crowded it got with the sticks.  At times, it was challenging to navigate around them as they paddled out.  This isn't the only time...

EY_\, below, was continually stoked, showing the form that made him "King of the Smallies."

Our septuagenarian, Neil "the Real Deal" Frank, also was in good form.  There were some rights!

 Mark "Sailfish" Ghattas, my most regular partner in the Park since EY_\'s departure, tucked in the curl in a nice right.

The face of STOKE!  EY_\, after a full morning's surf.

Big THANKS, as always, to Hugh B.  Such an outstanding photographer.  I urge all to check out his Flickr site, which includes some highlights of his surf photography, and his Smug Mug Surf Sessions, where more of his State Park surf photography is on display and available for purchase...suitable for framing!

And, to close, an appropriate shot:

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