Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Grey Earth Day

This is a late, and short, blog entry from anticipation of better things this weekend.  Sunday, Earth Day, wasn't bad, but nothing special, either.
As the title suggests, it was a gray morning.  A string of sizzling days inland had left the coast in deep overcast and fog, drizzling off and on throughout the morning.  Hopefully, not a preview that June gloom has set in early!

A hope of warmer water lead us to don lighter suits - I was in the 3/2 for the first time since Decembers - but it felt pretty chilly getting in.  Although, as the pictures show, the size was sufficient to ride and it was typically peaky, Mark Ghattas and I found that we had the Main Peak area all to ourselves through the 90 minute session, with an occasional stick joining us. 

Crumbly at first, it actually got quite fun - even a few waves hollow enough for a decent tube ride - about halfway into the session.   As we surfed, a team of younger locals, including one who often joins us bodysurfing, picked the sand clean of trash in honor of Earth Day.

It was a decent session, especially since we didn't have to scratch against a band of sticks and sponges for our waves.  Always good to get wet!  

But Colorado refugee and former Park regular, Eric "EY_\" Yeisley, is on his way to SoCal for a rare immersion, arriving tomorrow.  A modest swell is on its way to meet the King of the Smallies, spinmaster EY_\, and back-to-back sessions are planned for Saturday & Sunday.  

Can't wait.
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