Sunday, August 10, 2014

Simple Summer Session at SCSP

Warm water.  Hazy sun.  Softly rippled surface.  Easy vibe.  Playful swell.

Nothing really exceptional about the morning's session.  Just a nice time, messing in shoulder-high waves in the Park.  So, I'll just let a few photos speak, I guess.

Some guys (photo)shooting the mini-tubes, but only a few surfers out when we swam out.

..but some nicely formed, chest-high "smallies" rolling in:


 A pleasant morning for various beach activities.

As the lineup gradually filled in, two-way traffic became a hazard.

But neither Sailfish (with his handplane) nor I had any difficulty getting plenty of our own as we drifted from north of the Main Peak, all the way past the LG1 stand and then trolled back north again.

As the tide gradually filled in, the swell slowly backed off and the early consistency faded, while the beach filled in with a light summer crowd.  A pleasant morning's interlude!

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