Friday, August 21, 2009

Finally a little swell showing

Nice warm up for Oceanside in punchy Newport smallies today, in chilly water (64) on a sunny, glassy morning.

Sully was in the water – skinnin’ it – with his son & daughter when I arrived at 18th St. at 7 am. Looked for MuDsHaRk up at 13th/15th but there was nobody in the water between 11th street & the pier, other than the Sullivan family. The younger Sullivans exited as I entered, and over the next couple of hours an eclectic group joined Mike & me.

Viergever and Crawdaddy arrived about the same time – thanks for the MB shirt, Brent! Neil Frank followed then Jimmy Pee made a cameo appearance and Jason Guthrie jumped in.

Newps is always fun – even a small swell – knee to chest high – can be fast and tubular. Through the morning, there were hints of a rising swell. 13th & 15th looked bigger and more consistent, but we drifted between 17th & 18th and everyone got plenty. Over 2.5 hours - the shorty was a good idea. Warmed up over breakfast at Charlie’s Chili.

More promise for this afternoon’s session.

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