Saturday, August 8, 2009

Swell Hits Wedge and Fun in SCSP - July 24/25

I'm not really committed to doing a bodysurfing blog, but created this in order to try to figure the whole thing out.

My first entry really should have been two weeks ago, when an exceptional South swell hit So Cal beaches. After following breathless reports from the Wedge on Friday, the 24th, where a contingent from our hawaiian brethren of the Hawaii State Bodysurfing Association were in the water and assisted in rescue efforts when a local swimmer was swept into the jetty and later died, Saturday was my chance to get some.

The swell hit the Park beautifully, bringing 12 to 15 foot faces, sometimes walled, but very ridable with some great lefts to be had. The shot above, while not one of the day's largest, shows how beautifully shaped the Park can deliver.

Saturday, July 25, 2009 was one of the great days at San Clemente State Park, for me. More photos, taken by Russell Riopelle, can be found at my picasa album:

SCSP Pumping

There is some great footage of the Wedge, from the 24th & 25th, on YouTube, but Hugh's photos from Friday, on Flickr as well as in this picasa album, are exceptional:

Massive Wedge Friday

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Hugh B said...

Thanks for the props Hank! Nothing like an epic swell to inspire the creation of a surf blog!