Saturday, December 19, 2009

Duldrom Musings

Recently, Hugh referred to San Clemente State Park as "our" place.  Got me thinking.

Five years ago, I'd never ridden SCSP.  I found it through the Bodysurfers email list.  Now, I really do feel that it's "mine."  I love mixing in other places, and I'm still possessive of the Newport peninsula between 10th & 15th in summertime, but I've developed an attachment to SCSP that exceeds anywhere else. 

In five years, I've ridden the Park in every season; in ankle-slapping smallies and heavy slabs raging well overhead; in waters ranging from frigid to balmy; in every tide and every swell direction; in an enduring red tide pocked with jellyfish and in crystaline azure punctuated by dolphins; alone and in crowds; when there was only a skinny strip of eroded sand and when there was an expansive, sandy beach; in chopped up slop and glossy, slick glass; in sun, cloud and rain; with winds offshore, onshore and still; lefts, rights, peaks, peelers, closeouts, coming in hollow & tubular and weak & crumbly; with Golden /_\ ohana, good vibe sticks, a**hole drop-ins, aggro kneeboarders, clueless parkster longboarders, with both my sons, and many friends; at dawn, at dusk and every hour in between. 

I may live 73 miles away, but it's mine.  And I appreciate SoSideSC calling it "ours" more than you can know.

Looking forward to the next session at our spot.

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