Sunday, March 14, 2010

Visitors at High Tide

I feared that the high tide would swamp the modest swell, but that there might be a small window if I gotthe Park a couple of hours before the peak. Besides, it's EY's birthday - gotta show - and a spectacularly beautiful winter morning.

Unfortunately, the fear was well founded, and even at 7:40 it was already swamped. A nice, well-defined 3-4 foot swell, coming in too fat and crumbly for decent bodysurfing - all save the set waves were surging up to the rocks. Really best suited for a long board, but Sailfish (Mark Ghattas) & I suited up and swam right out from the steps while Crawdaddy, still confined to the shore, post-surgery, for a few more weeks, watched and shot a little video. EY_\ (Eric Yeisley) showed up shortly to swim out in the chilly (56) water and collect birthday greetings, while Too Tall (Steve Short) joined Crawdaddy, watching from shore.

Sailfish, assisted by a handboard, managed to snag a few long ones, but for me, it was mostly frustration and alot of kicking for a couple of hours. A few local surfers in the water, hanging around the main peak with us. Sunny and glassy, if the tide had been decent, would have been a classic winter morning.

A large pod of dolphin had been hanging around, and after we exited, lolled in the break straight out from the steps while Hugh, a late arrival, and I shot a few pictures:

Click on either photo to see large.

I also stitched several together into a short video that also gives a glimpse of the beauty of the Park on a sunny winter morning. You can view by clicking here or on the title above. View the video in 1080p HD.

Even if the surf left alot to be desired, you still have to love a morning like this in early March!
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