Sunday, May 9, 2010

Classic Spring Day in the Park

Head-high peaks were in evidence everywhere at 8:30 arrival in the park, but so were the sticks! Seemed almost a solid line of stand-up surfers from the steps through main peak, past the rocks and to LG 1. The photo extracted from a Flip video is a bit fuzzy, but both the peaks and the sticks can be seen:


Four heads were already out in the water: Jeff JPL Lashbrook was beginning his switch from snow-skiing to bodysurfing and Chuck Kahuna Herpick had joined Neil Frank & Mark Ghattas in the rapidly warming water.

Mild wind, 63 degree water and sunny skies enduced me to break out the 2mm SS spring suit - what a pleasure to divest the full-body neopreme! Very comfortable through a 2-hour session.

Moving back & forth between main peak, LG1 and peaks between, we managed to get our fair share of waves amidst a great vibe as all seemed to be really enjoying the good surf and beautiful day. The mixed SW and NW swells brought long lefts & rights, some wide tubes on head high faces making for a classic Spring day in the Park.

Walking back to the steps, it was clear that the sand had already started to build back up as beachgoers enjoyed the sun and sand.
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