Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day in the Park

The forecasts were for knee to chest high waves with a mild onshore/sideshore breeze. The morning cams showed pretty weak stuff, drained by a negative low tide; a rippled surface under a flat gray sky.

But son Joseph and I had decided we'd give it a try anyway - first bodysurfing outing since Joe's return from school. We were surprised to find guys suiting up in the parking lot and a pod of sticks already out at the main peak - activity more common when there's a decent swell.

We walked south past the crunch at the main peak, and swam out just beyond the rocks. Joe hung there, working the sand bar corners around the rocks while I worked a bit further south.

I feared it would be worse, but there were some fun little rides with an occasional chest high set. Even three solid tube rides, early on.

Sailfish - Mark Ghattas - joined us shortly and we gradually worked further South. Had the entire area from the rocks South to ourselves, save for a father and two young sons on boards, most likely down from the campground. Decent surfers but rather clueless about sharing waves with bodysurfers....

A mild wind kept a texture on the water through the mornging, but didn't really mess it up.

Though the water was colder than expected - definitely under 60 - it turned into a beautiful, sunny day with Memorial Day crowding on the shore. Later in the session, as the tide filled in, "King's Corner" started working for some small but long lefts & rights.

Went down, really expecting nothing, and ran into a very pleasant morning instead. Wish I had brought a camera as we headed back up the beach - it was packed in three and four deep. Tents set up where the rising tide would get them within an hour or two, but a holiday crowd enjoying the summerish holiday day nonetheless.

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