Monday, May 3, 2010

Kua Bay Beauty

A year ago, FBI (from big island) bodysurf queen, Noni Roberts, introduced us to Kua Bay, a little gem on the Kohala/Kona coast. Last year, were some barely-rideable shore-break waves.

Heather & I connected with Noni again, in a return to Kua Bay.


The beauty of the little, white sand bay lapped by clear azure water is a reflection of our host's beauty of spirit. Noni gives true meaning to the word aloha, bringing us her home-grown mangoes while overflowing in her love of the water and anguish over the plastic bits spoiling the sands.

We had a little more surf today, as miniature, sand-dredging, 2 and 3 foot (faces) slabs pounded in foot-deep water. So wonderful to bask in the warm (low 70s) water, squeezing into mini-tubed closeouts as Heather floated outside the break.

Not an epic surf day, but an afternoon in Kua Bay with Noni will always stick in memory.
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Leona "Noni" FBI said...

Hank! Thanks for your kind words. It was really nice to see you and Heather again. Later, my usual beach-clean-up was a bit frustrating as I couldn't collect all those tiny bits of plastic along with the load of other trash I gathered, no matter how many times I picked it over, new batches kept washing in. I had to jump back in for a few more waves just to regain my sanity!