Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Back in the Game

Sooo nice to be back in the water!

The Park was showing why I so favor it: clean and peaky, picking up a bit of NW along with the shoulder-high (sometimes head high) South swell.  Glassy and fun on an overcast morning with cooler than expected, maybe 64/65 degree, water.

Only Mark Ghattas along this session, we had a nice peak in front of LG 1 to ourselves for an hour then spent another hour shifting around between LG1 and King's Corner as a small pod of sticks kept drifting or paddling into our space.  But they were cool and the vibe was good.

Though often a bit crumbly, there were some nice tubes, nonetheless, and some long slides to be had, both left & right.  Laid back, low key, simple water time on a modest yet classic Park morning.

I was concerned about the ankle, and it's clearly still a bit weak, but it held up through a two-hour session. 

Shot some video on the way down and when I first arrived, but haven't had the chance to edit it and it's not classic, anyway.  So nothing attached at this point.

I'm ready for Newport!!!

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