Saturday, July 31, 2010

Brightening Up in Newport

Things continue to brighten here in Newport.  The sun did, indeed come out for the afternoon. 

Went back over to the ocean side of the peninsula about 2:30.  

Some swell appeared to be started to show, so I walked up to 11th Street and swam out.  Though the water 's still very chilly, though warming (maybe 63),  I skinned it.

Just as I got to the 10th Street guard, he replaced the green flag with yellow and put up the black ball ... thanks!  Went out for an hour in surf with 4-5 foot faces, sometimes 6 foot.  Textured surface and a bit lacking in organization, but the swell is definitely starting to show and it was nice to ride in the sunshine.  

Swam back South past 6th street and exited, chilled & tired, but satiated.

Tomorrow AM should be decent on the peninsula.  Planning on hitting 16th Street at 9AM.  Expect Sailfish, perhaps Hugh, and whomever else....

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