Saturday, July 31, 2010

Newport: Slow Start but Picking Up

It's day two on the (Newport) peninsula.

After getting wet in small, frigid surf to begin day one, yesterday, we had low expectations for this morning. Yesterday, we put in over an hour in inconsistent, waist-high surf, on a chilly, gloomy morning and frigid - 55 degree - water. The sun never showed and the day never warmed up. Went back over to the beach in the evening, hoping for swell, but only had a chilling, steady breeze and nothing to motivate re-entry. The hope was for a little better today, but not much.

So, son Joseph and I collected a couple of neighbors who were joining us and headed out to 18th Street about 8:30. Joe and Tim (Joe's peer) had boards but Tim's father, Burt, elected to bodysurf.

We were surprised to find that it was glassy and clean. The waves were that typical, hollow pitch that characterizes the Newport peninsula, but, surprisingly, even a bit peaky, too. Regular sets were coming in chest and shoulder high, with a little juice. The water has warmed up to 60+ (still full suit time, though).

We spent two hours, mainly about 16th street, where we had the peak off the sandbar totally to ourselves. Lots of waves, few lulls, a few plus sets and lots & lots of only Newport consistently offers. It stayed glassy through 10:30 as the blackball came up and we took off.

Even looks like the sun's going to come out today.

(No pictures today, but I'm sure later in the week, I'll get some....)

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