Thursday, July 22, 2010

Calif Bodysurfing Championships

Sunday were the California Bodysurfing Championships, hosted by the Golden Triangle at the San Clemente Pier during the Ocean Festival.

Steve "Too Tall" Short picked up the organizing responsibility from Eric EY_\ Yeisley and did a great job. I timed the competition and assisted Beachmaster Chuck "Kahuna" Herpick moving the heats along. We had a great turn out, a ton of stoke and were surprised by decent waves, which weren't forecast. It remained overcast through the morning but that was a nice respite from the humid heat of late, and kept it glassy for the competition.

All had much fun, but none more than Rod Bruno. I discussed Rod in the last blog. After flying up from his home in Brazil to brave the monsters at the Wedge on the weekend of the Fourth, Rod continued to Tahiti to try bodysurfing Teahoopu. Apparently, he didn't get the best conditions in Tahiti, but accomplished his mission then returned to Southern California to compete and medal in San Clemente.

Rod is a great ambassador for the sport, and his stoke is infectious. In the photo below, he's urging the younger generation at the competition to eschew their body boards, strap on fins and commit to bodysurfing. Received great response!

So, after the competition, and after 3 weeks in dry dock, I swam out with several of the competitors and judges to test out the ankle in fins again. Pretty tentative at first, in decently formed, shoulder-high surf, I got the water legs back in a short session before heading home. Looking forward to a full session, next weekend!

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