Friday, July 9, 2010

Wedge Works

I've focused this blog on my own bodysurfing adventures, but every so often it's worth turning to what's happening within the bodysurfing community of which I'm a part.  In my last post, I mentioned the swell that hit the Wedge last weekend while I was sidelined by my ankle.

Well, I'm long past any thoughts of swimming out at the Wedge when it's breaking like this, preferring more forgiving breaks when it gets big, but I had friends in the water and others on the shore last weekend.  I shared a couple of links last post, but decided to put this up, with a little more focus on the Wedge.

 This is a shot by Hugh Berenger of a correspondence friend of ours, Rod Bruno.  Click on photo for full size.  (Used without permission; sorry Hugh)

Rod came up from Brazil, where he lives & surfs, and endeavored, quite successfully, to time his trip to coincide with a decent swell arriving in Southern California, especially the Wedge.   Today, he's in Tahiti, but it's rainy and flat.

Hugh, the photographer of this shot, swam out after shooting this, and the other shots that can be seen at his SmugMug and his Flickr sites (click for links).  Apparently, got a few good ones by being patient and choosy.

Also on shore Monday was Brent "Crawdaddy" Crawford, with his trusty video camera.  He got some excellent clips of the action - a few before the blackball went up, then quite a few of the purists after it went up.  Rod's in a couple, and I think I see Hugh in one.  View his video by clicking here, or on the title of this post.

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